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2006 WR-250 SanD April 09


Build a swinging gate for the fuel tank

Go through both bins in the delivery trailers, update the spares bags
Clean, Prep, & Paint all the 30” Fans
Go through both mist tool boxes, label the trays in the top with a sharpie, get rid of the Ziploc bags.  Both tool boxes need plyers as well.  Let me know what parts need to be ordered to complete the boxes.
Buy & attach a new scooper for the sno cone machine
Build a plate to go where the missing “tray/drawer” is on the popcorn machine
Work on the mist pump with the knot in the cord, weak pressure, needs rebuild??
Service the system @ Lulu’s, including a new water filter
Clean all the 18” white fans, they are nasty dirty
Run a new power line for the shed/fuel trailer
Please put the heaters back under the shed, the rain will ruin them

Check the oil in the white chevy, seems to be using up a good bit.  It was 3 quarts down 2 weeks ago.