Effective April 1, 2006   

ALL Saturday Rentals will include Sunday's at NO extra charge &  will be picked up on Monday unless other arrangements are made in advance. 


Chocolate Fountains are the coolest thing to happen to a party since the Frozen drink machine. We've taken the chocolate fountain & applied our proven rental techniques and "white glove" level of service to bring you the guaranteed "Hit" of the party. We use the best fountain and finest Belgian chocolate on the market.  This is NOT a synthetic fondue chocolate, it is a premium Belgium dipping chocolate. There simply isn't a more reliable & easy to use fountain or higher quality chocolate available.

Here's how it works:
We bring the fountain to you, set it up, & get you going. Best part, we do the clean up & take it away. You just use it & walk away when you're done.

How much you ask?                                                                             You've got two options;  Medium 27" fountain, or the Large 34" fountain - We no longer offer a Small      

The Medium 27" fountain is rated for parties of up to 150 people.  This fountain is the perfect fit for the majority of home parties & is definitely priced right.  The rental is $199 and includes the first three batches of chocolate ( = 7.5lbs) and bamboo dipping skewers.

The Large 34" fountain is rated for parties of up to 250 people.  They are absolutely exquisite & make quite a statement.  The rental is $259 and includes the first five batches of chocolate ( = 12.5 lbs) and bamboo dipping skewers.

With all of our fountains we leave you plenty of extra chocolate, you only pay for what you use at $20/batch ( = 2.5lbs). Typically every 25-30 people will go through a batch of chocolate in the average party. As with all of our rentals, FREE delivery in the Jacksonville area.

Best of all, YOU keep the leftover chocolate!!  We'll show you how to empty the fountain and save the chocolate in our convenient containers for fondue at home.

Get $25 off EACH additional item from our website after the first one, quantity discounts are a good thing!

What kind of fountains do you use?         

We only use Sephra fountains, simply the best on the market.  Some local companies use other fountains, we like our customers WAY too much to risk carry any other brands.  Sephra fountains are the most reliable & attractive fountains available.  We love them so much, we became an authorized dealer. If you would like to purchase a fountain, we'll be more than happy to assist you.                                       

Why are you cheaper than everyone else?
Other companies require that you use their attendant and charge you a premium for this service. We don't feel this is necessary! Chocolate fountains are VERY easy to operate. We'll personally walk you through operating the fountain, leave you printed instructions, and we're always on call 24 hours a day.

If you would like an attendant to handle the fountain, we will gladly supply one at $35/hour (3 hour minimum charge).  Our attendants are fountain experts, they will maintain your fountain and add chocolate as necessary, as well as assisting your guests with any questions they may have.

What do I provide?
You provide the dipping items & a sturdy table. Round tables tend to work best.  We recommend you choose from these following suggested items:

Rice Krispie Treats
Dried Apricots
Candy Bars
Apple slices
Animal Crackers
Pineapple chunks
Cream Puffs
Orange slices
Peach slices
Mint Milano Cookies

***Crumbly items such as pound cake or angel food cake are NOT recommended.

How many dipping items should I buy?                       

We find that the average person dips (5) times at a three hour party.  You can adjust this based on the duration of your party.  Question is...........will your party be average?

What are my chocolate options?
Dark Chocolate Always the most popular & smooth
White Chocolate It is an awesome sight!

Is there a deposit?

NO, as with all of our rental items, we don't require a deposit.  However we will require a credit card number to hold the reservation.  It will not be charged until after the event when we have the total.

*As with all of our items, multiple items will receive a $25 discount.

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