Great Answers to Really Good Questions

Frozen Drink Machines
Q: How much ice does it take?
A: NONE. It freezes its own product in as quick as 10 minutes.

Q: How much mix will I need?
A: Usually about every 25 people at your party will go through a batch of mix. This is a pretty consistent rule of thumb, and is very accurate even if you are serving beer, wine, and/or liquor as well.

Q: How much mix do you bring?
A: We bring you MORE than you will need and you only pay for what you use. We charge you for the machine rental and the mix that you used when we pick the machine up.

Q: How do I mix it up?
We set it up, make the first batch with you and leave you with instructions on how to continue. We are on call 24 hours if you have any questions.

Q: How do I clean it?
YOU don't, WE do! When you are finished with your party, just turn it off and leave it alone. We'll pick it up and clean it. It's all included in the rental price.

Q: How long can I keep the machine?
A: If you rent it for a Saturday or Sunday, we deliver it on Saturday & pick it up on MondayRent on any other day & we'll pickup the same or next day. If you need it longer, please let us know when you make your reservation, and we will quote you an extended rental rate.

Q: How much alcohol do I need?
A: Once you have a pretty accurate number of expected guests, we will tell you exactly what and how much to get based on our rule of thumb (every 20 people = 1 batch).

Q: Can I buy my own cups?
A: Yes, but make sure they are NO larger than 10oz.  If a cups is twice as big, the machine has to work twice as hard to keep up with the party.  This is a recipe for disaster, especially with the double machines.


Q: How many do I need?
A: Each Heater warms a 15 foot circle. Measure the area you are trying to warm and we will give you a recommendation of how many you will need.

Q: Do I need to plug it in?
A: NO, the Heaters are powered by propane (which we provide), and are completely self sufficient.

Q: Can I use one under a tent or a back porch?
A: YES, the Heater is 8-feet-tall and needs at least 18" clearance above and beside the dome. Simply measure the height of the area where you want to place the heater.

Q: Is it hard to operate?
A: NO, we take care of everything. We place the Heater exactly where you want it, light the pilot light, and instruct you on how to continue—very similar to operating a gas grill.

Q: How long will the Heater Run on a take of propane?
A: Once you turn the knob from pilot light to the "On" position you will get approximately eight hours at full power.

Q: What is your cancellation policy if the weather changes?
A: The heater rental is prepaid at the time of reservation. If you cancel the reservation at least 48 hours before the start time of your event, we will refund you 100%. If you miss the 48 hour cancellation period there is NO refund, however we will give you a rain check to use your rental on another day.

Misting Fans
Q: How many do I need?
It depends on which of our fan models you choose and how formal or casual the event is. If you are using a tent, let us know the tent size, we'll take it from there and give you our recommendations.

Q: Don't they get you wet?
NO. What separates a good misting fan from a bad one is the high pressure mist. If set up and handled properly, the mist evaporates immediately, leaving you with a cool rush of air.

Q: Do you hook it up to power and water?
A: YES, we will need (1) standard water spigot and typically 1-2 standard 115 volt outlets. For the larger jobs we may tell you that we need more outlets.

Q: Is it hard to operate?
NO, we take care of everything. We place the fan(s) exactly where you want them, fully test the system, train you on how to operate it, and leave you with printed instructions.

Q: Can I turn the mist off if I want to?
YES, the mist and the fan are two separate systems. You can run one without the other, completely your choice, and it's just a switch to turn one or the other off.

Q: How much power do I need?
It depends on how many items you are trying to run off the Generator and what the amperage draw is of each item. We'll gladly help you figure it out.

Q: Are they noisy?
Some generators are, but not ours! We use diesel-powered "quiet series" generators. Our generators are enclosed which greatly reduces noise.

Q: Do I need to provide the fuel?
NO, your generator comes with a full tank along with a five gallon container as backup. It's all included in the rental.

Q: Do I need my own extension cords and splitters?
NO, we provide you with 100 feet of heavy duty cords as well as heavy duty power splitters.

Q: Whick one should I get?
A: Take into consideration the age of the kids, younger kids love em' all, the older kids really go for the water slides & obstacle course.

Q: Do I need to plug it in?
A: Yes, we need a dedicated circuit within 75' of the placement of the inflatable, we'll provide our own power cords.

Q: How long do I get it for?
A: Typically its a 4 hour rental, if you need more time just let us know & we'll quote it for you.

Q: Is it hard to operate?
A: NO, we take care of everything, just unplug it when you are done.

Q: What if it rains?
A: Get the kids out, unplug the blower, & cover it with a garbage bag to keep it dry

Q: What is your cancellation policy if the weather changes?
A: You must cancel with us the night before, we start delivering first thing in the morning & all equipment is loaded the night before.