ALL Saturday Rentals will include Sunday's at NO extra charge &  will be picked up on Monday unless other arrangements are made in advance. Does not include Major Holiday & 3-Day weekends.



Our Mist Fans & Systems will keep you and your guests cool, dry, and mosquito-free at all types of events, ranging from outdoor picnics to formal weddings. From our petite 18" multi-speed fan kit, which installs in the infrastructure of a rental tent, to our 36" oscillating Cooling monster, geared for the big events—we've got you covered and cool. Let our Mist Specialist tailor a system to fit your event. Our Mist Fans are an inclusive service and include free delivery and setup in the Jacksonville area. Mist System rentals begin at $125.  We use the absolute best equipment on the market to ensure a perfect event.  We are used exclusively by EVERY tent rental company in town.

How does it work?

It's all about the pressure.  We have special high pressure pumps that force the water at 1200psi through specially made tips on the fan.  What you get is a high pressure mist that evaporates immediately when it hits the atmosphere.  The resulting evaporation gives you the cooling process.  Our fans can drop the temperature of your event up to 35 degrees.  It truly makes the event!

Will the mist get everything wet?

Absolutely not, the mist evaporates immediately giving you the cooling effect you are looking for.  However, we are in Florida where the weather can change with very little notice.  When excess moisture is in the air, you simply turn off the mist.  The fans are a separate system from the mist, this allows you to continue using just the fans.  If the inclement weather passes, simply restart the mist with the touch of a button.

Do I need an onsite technician?

No, our technicians setup the system to fit your specific needs and show you how to operate it.  We don't leave until everything is absolutely perfect.  It doesn't get much easier!  If you would like a technician present for your event we charge $500/hour or $25/hour if you feed him.

Can we get the fans without the mist?

Yes, you now have the option to rent our 18" quiet series tent mounted fans without mist.  They rent for $75 for the first one and $50 or each additional, with a 3 fan minimum.  This includes full set-up by our technicians.  Exact same white 3-speed "Quiet Series" fans, just without the mist.

Can I see your fans in operation?

We have permanently installed systems at restaurants all over town.  Feel free to experience them at: Seven Bridges (Tinseltown), Buffalo's (Blanding), Kerr's Wing House (Tinseltown), Pastiche (Avondale), Outback Crab Shack (St. Augstine), The Wine Cellar (Southbank), Mellow Mushroom (Tinseltown), or Sunny Carribe (Neptune Beach).  Or you can ask us where our next big event  is, we'll gladly demo the system for you during setup.  We have multiple big events every week.  Please call and ask, we enjoy showing off the systems.  They truly sell themselves.


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