*Keep it all weekend!

*ALL Saturday Rentals will include Sunday's at NO extra charge &  will be picked up on Monday unless other arrangements are made in advance.  Holiday, Cinco De Mayo, & 3-day weekends NOT included.


This is where it all began back in July of 2000. What started with three small machines,  pickup truck,  and a small trailer has turned into over 50 machines and several trailers. We offer Single Flavor Drink machines to handle parties of 20 to 5,000.  Nothing in town compares to our machines, we have the most powerful, quietest, & quickest machines made.  Ask the competition if their machines freeze in 7 minutes!  Best of all, absolutely FREE delivery in the Jacksonville area.

Whether it is a children's party, corporate event, fund-raiser, school carnival, 40th birthday party, or Cinco De Mayo Celebration, we've got you covered.

The perfect idea for your next party!
Rent a frozen drink machine

We bring you everything you need:
• Free delivery & set up
• Free cups, straws, & mix
• 30 different flavors
• NO ice required

Here's how it works:
First you have to make the hardest decision.  Will it be one or two machines? Once that's out of the way, its FULL steam ahead! There is no need for a table, the machine is bolted to a cart. We bring it to you, roll it in and set it up. We  leave you with plenty of cups, straws, and mix. The machine is self-serve and guaranteed to be the hit of the party!

And the best part—we'll tell you exactly how much alcohol to purchase for your party, based on size and type. We'll help you make the first batch and our instructions tell you exactly how much alcohol to add to each additional batch to continue. When the party's over, just turn the machine off and we'll take care of the rest.

Here's what you need:
• Standard Dedicated 110 volt 20 amp outlet per machine, our machines can NOT share power with any other items (DJ, Inflatable bounce houses, large fans, refrigerators, etc.)
• Access to drinking water for mixing (kitchen sink works just fine) Machine does NOT hook up directly to a water source, only to power.
• One responsible person to handle the machine                          

Optional: (we'll give you an EXACT shopping list of how much you need)
• Tequila and Triple Sec for Margaritas
• Rum for Daiquiris


Choose from:

Mojito's (Light and refreshing, great on a summer day!)
Lime, Mango, Banana, or Strawberry Margaritas (my favorite!)
Mango, Banana, or Strawberry Daiquiris (real fruit & unbeatable)
Rum Runners (tropical & sneaky, great choice!)
Pina Coladas (takes a Luau to the next level)
Hurricanes (made famous in Louisiana, sure to please)
Frozen Lemonade (quite refreshing on a hot day)
Mocha Cappuccino (great for corporate events)
Blue Raspberry (# 1 choice for kids parties)
Orange Cream (remember orange dreamsicles you had as a kid?)•  Wild Berry Smoothies (kids to adults, everyone loves em')


How much you ask?
You have 2 basic options:

*Single Flavor Machine $175 for the Weekend!

  • Includes your first batch of mix free.
  • $16 for each additional batch you use.
  • Machine will handle a party of up to 140 people.
  • Fastest & most Powerful machine made, frozen & ready in seven minutes!!
  • All machines wear COOL grass skirts!

*Two Single Flavor Machines  $275 for the Weekend!

  • Includes your first 2 batches of mix free.
  • $16 for each additional batch you use.
  • Machines will handle a party of up to 300 people.


*Excludes Holiday & 3-day Weekends.


How many drinks do I get out of a batch?

Our mix makes about 3 gallons once you add the alcohol, you will typically get about 40 drinks per batch.  Our mix is a VERY low water to mix ratio (3:1), which makes it the best available.  Some competitors use a higher ratio mix such as 4:1 or 5:1 which will make 50-70 drinks per batch.  Just remember.........the lower the ratio, the more real fruit in the mix.  If you want the best you can get, stay away from drink mixes that make 4-5 gallons at a time.

  If you need more than one machine or have a large party, we will gladly put together a proposal and give you a quantity discount, just send us an email or call 396-6900.


Why should I stay away from this type of drink machine?

This is called a  "granita" machine, guaranteed way to have a disappointing party for a few reasons.  First, there is no insulation around the product, therefore the machine can't handle direct sunlight or the ambient heat of your back porch 10 months out of the year.  Second, it takes approximately 2 hours to freeze and almost as long to re-freeze during your party if you run low.  They aren't commercial grade or customer friendly.  Stick with commercial grade Stainless enclosed machines that can freeze in as quick as 7 minutes & recover even quicker!  We've been doing this a long time and simply wouldn't bring this type of machine to our customers.


Get $25 off EACH additional item after the first one, quantity discounts are a good thing!



Due to the inconsistency in generator output we need to know if you intend to use a generator PRIOR to your delivery.  We must know the make, model, and power output of the generator to see if it us qualified to power our machines.  Simply knowing the power output (5,000kw, 10k, etc) isn't enough.

At NO point can we guarantee that your generator will power our machines, we can only tell you if it "should" be able to.  Best option is NOT to use a generator unless its a trailer mounted "event" type of generator, open frame job-site type of generators are inconsistent at best.


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* "Weekend" is defined as by us as Saturday & Sunday, Friday is not included.                                                                                                                      

Please contact us at RollinRitas@gmail.com with any questions.


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