Small  SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1Chocolate Fountain Instructions


1.               Plug fountain into outlet & switch temperature to:

                       HIGH              Dark Chocolate       

                        MEDIUM      Milk Chocolate       

                        MEDIUM      White Chocolate       


2.               Remove lid on tub of chocolate & microwave for 3.5 minutes.

      Check chocolate at 2 minute mark & stir, restart microwave for rest of cycle.

      Stir chocolate well, if it is not completely melted -  microwave in 15 second increments

      Until completely melted.


3.         Repeat step number 2.


4.         Pour melted chocolate directly into top fountain.


5.         Push “start” button on control panel  



IF the fountain is NOT flowing smoothly, follow these steps until it flows smoothly:

            1.  Push “stop” button, wait 10 seconds, push “start” button

            2.  Add another (1/4) tub of chocolate & stir until completely melted

            3.  Check level of fountain, if necessary adjust one of the feet by turning


6.         When you start seeing “gaps” in the flow of chocolate during your event, it is time to add another tub!  We recommend adding (1/4) tub of chocolate at a time & stirring it until it is completely melted.  The fountain will start flowing smoothly again after the additional chocolate is completely melted.


7.         When your event is over:

            1.  Turn fountain off

            2.  Empty fountain using a plastic cup or spoon to scoop out the chocolate

                (Our empty tubs make great “take home” containers for the chocolate)