8-9am - Drop T & 30" to 3666 Eagle Ridge Drive off Beach & Hodges to Dawn Mercer: 821-1393 / 303-3280.  RR for 30pple @ 2pm, ST

8-10am - Drop T to 1809 Royal Fern Lane in JB to Erin Lambemont: 770-335-0545 / 349-7947.  PC for 30pple @ 11am.  OK

9-11am - Drop T to 345 West Silverthorn Lane in "Walden Chase" to Alexandra Hice PVB: 994-4700.  Mgta for 25pple @ 2pm. ST

10-Noon - Drop T to 205 St. Johns Golf Drive "Amenities Center" of SJG&CC to Dawn Ordonez: 705-8011.  Mango for 30pple @ 5pm.  LMM

10-Noon - Drop T to 12837 Julington Forest Drive East off OSA & 95 to William Terrell: 229-300-4474.  Mgtas for 60pple @ 4pm. OK

11am-1pm - Drop T to Billy's Place of Matthew's Bridge Expressway to Billy Patterson: 219-1953 or Cindy: 219-1952.  Mgtas for 150pple @ 6pm


27"cf to Hyatt Jacksonville for Sunday.  Trellis Restaurant @ 6:30pm for 30pple.  Vision Care is client.  I'm emailing Theresa Harsh now to see if setup can happen today