Medium  SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1Chocolate Fountain Instructions


1.         Plug fountain into outlet & switch to “Preheat”

            Set temperature at:

                        158 degrees for BITTER-SWEET chocolate

                        158 degrees for DARK chocolate

                        126 degrees for WHITE chocolate

                        130 degrees for MILK chocolate


2.         Pour (3-5) tubs of chocolate into base of fountain & cover fountain with plastic bag.



3.         At LEAST one hour before event:

            Stir chocolate & once it is completely melted, turn fountain to “ON” position.

            The fountain should start flowing.

                        Set Temperature at:

                                    176 degrees for BITTER-SWEET chocolate

                                    176 degrees for DARK chocolate

                                    158 degrees for MILK chocolate

                                    158 degrees for WHITE chocolate


IF the fountain is NOT flowing smoothly, follow these steps until it flows smoothly:

            *1.  Turn fountain OFF, wait 10 seconds, turn back ON

              2.  If it still isn’t smooth, add another tub of chocolate & stir until completely melted

              3.  Check level of fountain, all (3) feet are adjustable to make fountain level.


4.         When you start seeing “gaps” in the flow of chocolate during your event, it is time to add another tub!  We recommend adding (1/4) tub of chocolate at a time & stirring it until it is completely melted.  The fountain will start flowing smoothly again after the additional chocolate is completely melted.


5.         When your event is over:

            1.  Turn fountain off

            2.  Empty fountain using a plastic cup or spoon to scoop out the chocolate

                (Our empty tubs make great “take home” containers for the chocolate)


** Once fountain has been started, NEVER shut off for more than TWO minutes at a time until event is over.