9-11am - Pickup 2x30" Fans from PVIC

Drop T to Riverwood @ Nocatee at 124 Del Web Parkway for Center Stage, James McBride: 588-5172.  SB for 75pple @ 3pm

Drop T to 1715 Eagle Harbor Parkway #8 to Dr. Richard Curtis' office, Mayra: 215-2422 xt. 4.  Mgta x2 for 100pple @ 5pm

Drop TT to 420-01 St. Johns Avenue in Avondale to "Dance Elite" for Brittany Bines: 276-1515 / 388-9952 / 434-9012.  PC/Mgta for 80pple @ 8pm

Drop 4x30" fans to River City Brewing Company for James White: 446-9232 for a 7pm start.  This is a 3-day event, he will be unhooking the fans each night and rolling them inside, please show him how to do this and restart the system after.